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We offer the opportunity to experiment with your menu and receive diner feedback—whether you're perfecting recipes for your restaurant or want play with an an all-avocado menu. We've got the space for you.

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Each dinner is a whole new experience, but we keep a few things consistent: incredible chefs and great company. We run events a little differently than the normal restaurant, so read on to find out more.

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What is Dinner Lab?

Dinner Lab is a place to discover what's possible. Our nomadic dining experience invites members to try new recipes from rotating chefs and give feedback. The dinners are held in unique spaces that exist for only 24 hours, the company is diverse and adventurous and the chefs come from some of the world's best restaurants.

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Bone & Seed by Dinner Lab

Bone & Seed is Dinner Lab's new web journal dedicated to telling the stories of our forward-thinking chefs, passionate purveyors and the cities we pop up in. Explore the route farmers take from live hog to product, and find out how our chefs draw inspiration from culinary histories. We’re here to give diners and readers insight into what makes the Dinner Lab experience unique.

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Dinner Lab Chef's Tour
[Dinner Lab] is a new paradigm for eating out, one that transforms the meal into an experience. Read More
Dinner Lab is the next generation of the pop-up restaurant, the 2.0 of the supper club. Read More
[Dinner Lab] is rebelling against conventional notions in the food industry. Read More
Dinner Lab is bringing people closer to their community through food – by curating dinners that include authentic cuisine, distinct locations and a group of guests who share the same appreciation for that experience. Read More
[Dinner Lab], which pairs eager foodies with menus drawn up by rising stars in the culinary industry, is a hot meal ticket. Read More
It's a fine dining reboot. Read More