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We offer the chance to present your own menu, and all of the feedback we gather from our members goes straight to you. So whether you’re testing a menu for the restaurant of your dreams, or you want to finally do a dinner based on all things steak, we’re ready.

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Each dinner is a whole new experience, but we keep a few things consistent: incredible chefs and great company. We run events a little differently than the normal restaurant, so read on to find out more.

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Dinner Lab undresses the night out by shedding the white linen and anything resembling a leather bound menu. Our goal is to bring together an ambitious chef, complete strangers, and an unforgettable meal to create a one of a kind night out.

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[Dinner Lab] is a new paradigm for eating out, one that transforms the meal into an experience. Read More
Dinner Lab is the next generation of the pop-up restaurant, the 2.0 of the supper club. Read More
[Dinner Lab] is rebelling against conventional notions in the food industry. Read More
Dinner Lab is bringing people closer to their community through food – by curating dinners that include authentic cuisine, distinct locations and a group of guests who share the same appreciation for that experience. Read More
[Dinner Lab], which pairs eager foodies with menus drawn up by rising stars in the culinary industry, is a hot meal ticket. Read More
It's a fine dining reboot. Read More